O carte excelenta

Cauti o carte excelenta? Iti recomand „Culoarea sentimentelor”, o carte fenomen pe care o vei savura si pur si simplu nu vei mai putea sa o lasi din mana. O carte care ne confirma faptul ca suntem dependenti de povesti.

Avem atata nevoie de povesti …. , iar acestea trebuie sa fie spuse si ascultate cu toata fiinta.


Titlul cartii in limba engleza este „The Help”.



Kathryn Stockett is an American novelist. She is known for her 2009 debut novel, The Help, which is about African-American maids working in white households in Jackson, Mississippi, during the 1960s.

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Teorema impartirii cu rest


In orice impartire avem doua numere naturale:

Deimpartitul notat cu d si Impartitorul notat cu i, i nu este 0.

Dupa efectuarea impartirii obtinem doua numere: Catul, notat cu c si restul notat cu r.

Numerele deimpartitului (d), impartitorul (i), catul (c) si restul (r) verifica egalitatea:

Deimpartitul= Impartitorul  x Catul + Restul

Restul < Impartitorul

Sau d= i x c + r;

r<i relatie numita teorema impartirii cu rest sau teorema impartirii intregi

Numerele cat(c)  si rest (r) gasket la impartire sunt unice.

Sursa: matematica cls 3-4

Let love be your highest goal!

IMG_20160717_074834If I ever forget, remind me that love is all that matters, simple, natural love for people and life as taught in the Bible. „Love is kind, love never fails.”

The sky is the limit. There are endless ways for you to fill the world with your love.

No matter  who you are, where you shelter or what you are by profession, Let love be your highest goal!


Let love be your highest goal



I love people and most of all I long for meeting inspirational people, great spirits that can spark up my existence.

“Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel Because
Those Who Mind Don’t Matter
and Those Who Matter Don’t Mind.” (Dr. Seuss)

Yesterday I spent 6 hours with the wonderful, energetic, creative and inspiring teacher, trainer and author, the one and only, Mrs Jenny Dooley.

poza noua


I admire her enthusiasm, her positive energy, strength, dedication to teaching ELT and creativity. I am amazed by her talents and skillfulness to create learning and teaching materials for so many ages and levels, starting with very young and including high school.

Jenny Dooley has been actively involved in the creation of  children’s theatre
groups,  which aim at stimulating young learners’ imaginations while enhancing their
English language learning.

I hug her and send her by best wishes. Keep up the great work!




Just living is not enough, said the Butterfly. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. (Hans Christian Anderson)