„The Collector” by John Fowles – Quiz



“The Collector” by John Fowles


1.What is Clegg’s job at the beginning of the novel?

A.Teacher    B. Scientist                 C. Clerk            D. Chemist

2.How much money does Clegg win?

A.130,000 pounds  

B. 73,000 pounds  

C. 54,000 pounds 

 D. 24,000 pounds

3. How old was Clegg when his dad died?

 A. 14 
B. 4 

D. 2

4. What is the name of Clegg’s cousin?


  B. Nancy 
C. Amelia 
D. Mabel

5.In what town does Clegg buy a house?

A. Bristol  B. Cambridge  C. Lewes            D. Hampstead

6.What lie does Clegg tell to lure Miranda to his car?

A.He has a flat tire B. His sister is sick C. He hit a dog D. He can’t find his wallet

7.What does Clegg tell Miranda his name is?

A.Ferdinand   B. Caliban      C. James             D. Frederick

8. What do G.P.’s initials stand for?

A.George Paston        B. Gerry Pritchett        C. Gil Patton            D. Gus Patchet

9. What book does Miranda try to convince Clegg to read?

A.The Catcher in the Rye    B. The Great Gatsby                C.Tom Jones             D. Moby-Dick

10. What does Miranda always ask for, which Clegg will never bring?

A.Drawing paper     B. Soap            C. Fresh bread             D. Newspapers

11. What does Miranda try to put in the letter to her parents? 

AA dried flower                  B. A lock of her hair         C. A handkerchief with her lipstick on it   D. A small rescue note

12. What does Miranda do while Clegg is away in London?

A.She smashes all her furniture B. She tries to dig herself out C. She spends all day sleeping D. She tries to kill herself


Answer Key:

  1. C, 2. B, 3. D, 4. D, 5.C, 6. C, 7. A, 8.A, 9. A, 10.D, 11. D, 12. B.

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