Drugs are not an option


Article written by a teenager

We are all young. The future is ahead of us and we keep asking ourselves the invariable question: „Is it possible for us to live in an ideal world?… an ideal world where nobody would suffer, charitable and altruistic instincts would prevail and global acceptance and kindness would characterize all types of people?”

But, it is not easy for us, the teenagers, living an explosion of dreams, feelings, ideas, plans to live an upstanding life even when nobody’s looking. Actually it is so damn hard. In this difficult period of life we suffer from parent fights, breakups and we keep trying to be integrated. Unfortunately, some of us find a refugee in drugs. They find it easier to take drugs and avoid problems than coping with them, no matter what the consequences are. One thing is for sure: they lead us directly to death or they destroy our whole life.

Firstly, drugs poison our blood and they give us a false impression of happiness and satisfaction but, quietly it kills us.

Secondly, they ruin your income and make you do very bad and immoral things in order to obtain money.

To sum up, drugs are not an option no matter how hard one’s situation is.


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