A Fun Quiz for high school students


You need:  CD player, CDs /youtube

Students listen  and write down the answers.

  1. Play the  soundtrack „Healing Incantation” (Rapunzel)
  2. What’s Rambo’s first name?
  3. What’s the highest selling album in history?
  4. What is the largest living bird?
  5. Play the song „People are strange”- The Doors
  6. Which is the largest: a megabyte, a kilobyte, a gigabyte?
  7. Which instrument did Louis Armstrong play?
  8. On which street do Bert and Ernie live?
  9. Play an excerpt from Star Wars -film
  10. Play the song „Candle in the Wind” sung by Elton John.

Check Students’ answers and give the prize to the Student who has got the most right answers.

Answer key:

  1. Tangled – Rapunzel
  2. John
  3. „Thriller” by  Michael Jackson
  4. Ostrich
  5. The Doors – People are strange
  6. Gigabyte
  7. the trumpet
  8. Sesame Street
  9. Star Wars
  10. Elton John – Candle in the Wind

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