Music is dead



Written by a 15 years old boy

Music is dead. No, not literally. But it’s a money making industry rather than an art as it should be.

Back in the day, when Elvis and Johnny Cash first walked on stage it was all about a guitar, drums, voice and an incredible passion for music. Progressively, the sound of music has changed, but the passion remained true.

But somehow. in the last few years and decades, something went terribly wrong. The sounds are repetitive, the lyrics are even worse and the passion is simply gone. Inexplicably for me, nowadays artists are more acclaimed than the old acts that redefined music like Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan or Michael Jackson.

I think I need to go back to a previous statement.Music isn’t dead, it’s dying. There are some who try to resuscitate it, but sadly, the majority is pulling it down and squeezing every last piece of originality and love out of it for the sake of a green piece of paper. Can this piece of paper replace art in one of its purest forms? I don’t think so. What do you think?


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